Nice is the 5th best city in France for business.

Platform Movinga, which has already ranked the best cities to find work, this time decided to analyze and present the best cities to start your own business. For the basis of analysis was taken the statistics in the field of hospitality and catering business, in information technology and international trade sector (import and export). Nice took 5th place in the Top 10 best French cities. Paris leads the ranking, followed by Bordeaux and Marseille.

Many factors, such as the real estate prices, the number of days required to make a registration for a business, hiring process, the access to high technologies in the business sector, access to investors, the number of international trade agreements, and the availability of additional opportunities for women to start a business have been analyzed.

The study was conducted on a global scale and revealed 75 more favorable cities in the world for their entrepreneurial spirit, business opportunities and economic growth.

In the overall ranking, in which every city is evaluated according to its entrepreneurial advantages, London wins, followed by Barcelona and New York. Paris, the capital of France, is on the 16th place.

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